Matcha latte Recipe for Cafe’s

Matcha latte recipe cafe's

How to use matcha quickly and easily in a busy café:

We recommend that before service you make a matcha syrup that can easily form matcha lattes, iced tea’s and smoothie add ins.

Matcha Syrup Recipe

Ratio: The ratio is 1 teaspoon matcha to 3 teaspoons hot water and optional (1 teaspoon honey to every 3 teaspoons of matcha)

Instructions: Before service mix the ratio together in a jug and keep aside

After service cover and refrigerate. Best to make a fresh batch every day.

Quick and Easy Matcha Latte

Step 1: Pour approx. 2 teaspoons of syrup into bottom of the clear glass

Step 2: Froth hot milk (same as that used for coffee)

Step 3:  Pour frothed milk into syrup and serve with honey (if not already added to the syrup).

* Serve with a sprinkle of matcha or cinnamon (optional)

Quick and Easy Iced Matcha Tea

Step 1: Pour approx. 2 teaspoons syrup to an empty glass

Step 2: Fill with water and stir

Step 3:  Add with ice and freshly cut seasonal fruit (we love fresh mint leaves, slices of lemon, sliced strawberries or apples)

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