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Zen Green Tea, founded in 2012, has grown solely through word of mouth into Australia’s best loved matcha green tea company. We have over 10,000 delighted Australian customers and we are stocked in over 3000 domestic retail stores!

We have five star Facebook and Google ratings and are the preferred matcha brand for My Kitchen Rules!

Our matcha green tea powder is vibrant green with a smooth, non-bitter flavour and contains the full health benefits. We source direct from our tea farms in Kyoto, Japan, so we can offer the best priced premium matcha green tea powder in Australia!

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Customer Matcha Reviews

Danielle Simes
"I am hooked on Zen Green Tea! It has a smooth taste and is not bitter at all. The matcha is high quality with its the vibrant green colour and fine texture. It is easy to prepare, and to use in food as well as drinks. Its great at helping me concentrate and stay focussed, and also keeps my hunger at bay. This is my green tea of choice…no more tea bags for me!"
Danielle Simes / Teacher and Mother of two Putney, Sydney
Megan Broberg
"I first fell in love with Zen Green Tea as I was a pretty intense coffee drinker, but I wanted something that would give me an energy lift and help my concentration in the afternoon but without the caffeine jitters and impact on my sleep. Zen Green Tea Matcha really did the trick, it gives me energy without feeling frenetic, and tastes so much fresher and less bitter than loose leaf green teas like Sencha."
Megan Broberg / Megan Broberg, CEO Appleman Cider, Bondi, Sydney
Elyse Daniels
"I have always loved tea but generally have stuck to English Breakfast tea with sugar. I started to find myself craving the sugar hit each afternoon so I would have a cup of tea but then have a big slump afterwards. After a recommendation by a friend I tried Zen Green Tea and loved it instantly. I still get the energy boost but there is no slump afterwards plus it is something that I can drink all year round. I love to carry a bottle of ice tea with me to sip throughout the day and then have a warm cup of tea after dinner. My energy levels have never been better! ".
Elyse Daniels / Director at Exodus Wear, Sydney

Increased Energy, Reduced Hunger Cravings

Absolutely love your Matcha Tea Set! It arrived last week in the mail and I’ve been whisking myself up a few cups of matcha every day. I have to say I absolutely notice an increase in energy and it also has helped reduce my constant hunger cravings which is nice! I’ll spread the word with my family and friends and will be ordering some more again soon. Thank you again!

Great Taste, Great Service

Service was excellent – I gave the wrong address and Erin was kind to sort everything out for me. I have just finished my first bag (bought three bags). I have one cup a day but will increase it to two cups with my second bag. Tastes very nice and I feel good after my cup in the morning. Your service was so good. Thanks, Mick
Mick, Eleebana, NSW, Australia

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Great Taste!

Thank you for the matcha. I am loving it- tastes very light and fresh. I followed your suggestion of mixing matcha and OJ and its great- have got my whole family drinking it!
I’ll be ordering again soon. Thanks.
Monique, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Loving It!

Thanks so much for your wonderful matcha – I am really enjoying it!!!

Tim, UK

Great for Face Masks and Matcha Lattes

I just placed another order!
I am a new customer – just received my whisk, spoon and tea pack a week or so ago and am already totally addicted! Love making it with frothed skim milk in the morning – Yummm
I also just tried a face mask with the tea, water and a few drops of argan oil. Amazing, except for the few odd lumps of green in my grey hair! Erin I also wished to say thank you, I really appreciated the friendly and professional way you do business.
Susan, Russell Lee, NSW, Australia

Loving the Taste and Texture

Thanks for sending your matcha, I received it today. I love the taste and texture.
It’s a great product. Thank you very much.
Jennifer, Lethbridge Park

Helping Dopamine Recovery for Mental Health

Hi – loving the tea. I have been feeling very low in my moods and my doctor recommended I try matcha green tea. I found your online and reading the reviews in both Google and on your Facebook I decided to give it a try. I’ve been drinking for a month now and am happy to report my dopamine is already starting to recover and my moods have improved incredibly! -:)
Nick, London

Helps Reduce Stress

Thank you for being so prompt with my tea! I’m now feeling all the love that came with it and standing out on my balcony I can hear the songs prays and joy of shopping with you. Have noticed your tea helps a lot with reducing my stress too. Thanks for the humour it was so nice and very much appreciated.

Great for Weight Loss

Just letting you know the tea arrived safe and sound. I just finished my first mug of matcha and I am really enjoying it. I read in some of the forums a few people recommending your company because of both the price, quality and the good service.

Very glad I chose your company now that I have tried the tea! Also I enjoyed reading your recipes and the articles about how matcha is good for weight loss. I have put on a few kilos over the festive season so it’s good to drink this and do my daily walks.

Thank you again.
Sarah, Dublin

No Bitterness!

The tea is divine! I love it and it doesn’t come close to the bitterness of regular green teas and the colour!

Arron, Paddington

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Helping to improve my general health

Thanks for the matcha, just wanted to say the taste is really lovely and already I feel really energized. I am trying to improve my overall health and my doctor and a friend recommended matcha and your product in particular. I read all the studies showing how great matcha is for cancer prevention, weight loss, arterial health, anti aging, the immune system- the list goes on!!

Meredith, New York, USA

Brilliant Matcha Kit

Thanks for the brilliant matcha kit. The whisk and scoop are really good quality (your tea
is awesome too but I knew that as I’m a regular customer). Thanks again- I’ll
recommend your kit to friends.

Beautifully Presented

Thank you. The tea arrived beautifully presented – no wonder you’re so passionate
about it.
Loving the taste as well- I’ve been drinking it as an iced green tea with cut fruit.
Diane, Green Point, NSW, Australia

Awesome Quality

I wanted to thank you for my matcha- fast delivery and the quality of the matcha is
awesome. Will be recommending you!
Zac, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Lovely Bright Colour and Tastes Fresh

Thank you so much for the tea. My husband and I read about the health benefits of matcha and then we researched and found your website. Your website is very informative (we loved the blog) and we ordered a Bamboo Whisk Starter Kit. We received the tea very quickly in the post and it was in a lovely box. We were very happy with the quality of the whisk, scoop and matcha. The matcha itself is a lovely bright colour and tastes very fresh. We have  been using it for hot tea’s and mixing it with OJ like your suggestion in the blog.
We will be recommending your tea to our friends.
Beth and Tony, Brighton

Great Gift for Mums

Thanks Zen Green Tea- bought this as a gift for my mum for her birthday. She loves
normal green tea and so I knew she’s love matcha (I’m already a regular customer of
yours). She is delighted- great quality matcha and the whisk and scoop really add to the
Sara, Queenstown

Feeling Energetic and Healthy

I’m using it as a green tea face mask and also drinking it. My skin looks awesome and I feel very energetic and healthy.
Amanda, London, UK

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Perfect for Smoothies

Great tea- thank you very much. I have been adding it to my green smoothies every morning. I’ve noticed the extra energy so I’ll be buying your 6 month supply soon.
Greg, Taren Point, NSW, Australia

Delicate and Fresh

I love your matcha. I did quite a bit of research and a lot of forums recommended your tea so I decided to buy some and see what it was like. First off, very fast delivery so thanks! The tea tastes delicious- very delicate and fresh. The colour is a bright green too so all my friends ask me what I am drinking.
You’ve got me as a loyal customer now. Keep up the good work.
Colleen, Mona Vale, NSW, Australia

Helps Mood and Concentration

Thank you for the tea- it helps a lot with my mood and concentration! Turns out the cafe near my work uses Zen Green Tea to make my favourite matcha lattes! Once you go Zen, you never go back.
Virginia, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia

Bright Green in Colour

Just wanted so say that I’m really loving your matcha. I was a huge fan of green tea and I recently saw a show on Dr Oz about matcha and how good it was for your health. I researched a little and a lot of reviews online said yours was the best matcha. I have to agree with the reviews. It tastes really great and is bright green in colour. My colleagues
at work were a little confused seeing me drink this weird concoction but I bought another packet for the office and everyone loves it.
Thanks so much!
Scott, Wynyard, NSW, Australia

Health Benefits are Amazing

My mum ordered for me my first Zen Green Tea three month supply about two days ago. Had my first cup today and it reminded me a bit like barley green and I thought it was really strong at first but I made a second cup and put a little bit of milk in it and I love it!
And it does not have that bitter taste at all like other green teas!
So glad I found your site. And also the health benefits are amazing! So thank you so much for it! I used to drink a cup of the normal green tea that was in a tea bag nearly everyday but I found out that to get all the great health benefits, you would have to drink at least 10 cups a day so then I went looking for other alternatives and found your site!
I’m looking forward to making latte’s with it too. So yeah, just letting you know that you have a very happy customer!
Maddie, Wamberal, NSW, Australia

Delicious and Wonderful Customer Service

Just got my first batch of your matcha and made my first matcha latte. Delicious and your customer service is wonderful!!

Lisa, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Blemishes Disappearing!

Hi Zen Green Tea! I received my order in the mail. The flavour is great. I actually bought it as I have quite bad skin and my naturopath recommended I drink lots of green tea. I’ve been drinking it for about two weeks now, and also since reading about the face mask on your website I’ve been putting it on my face in the evenings. I have to say I’m pretty stoked with the results! My blemishes are well on their way to disappearing and my skin isn’t as oily anymore at all! Thanks for that! Keep up the great work!

Molly, Manchester

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Great for Weight Loss

Great for Weight Loss
I bought it for the taste but I didn’t expect the weight loss! I’ve been drinking it for a month now and I’m 2 kilos down. I will place an order now for a six month supply.
Christina, Perth, WA, Australia

Perfect Gift

Thanks Zen Green Tea. I bought this to give away as presents as I love the tea myself.
Many friends have thanked my since so I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot more orders.
Taryn, Wellington, NZ

Energy Boost

Hi Zen Green Tea,
I read about your matcha in a forum online so I decided to place an order. Received it quickly in the mail and really enjoying it. I’ve been having it in the morning as an energy boost, and I mix it with some yogurt mid morning too. It tastes really great,
Lauren, Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia

Glowing Skin

Hi Zen Green Tea!

I received my order in the mail. The flavour is great. I actually bought it as I have quite bad skin and my naturopath recommended I drink lots of green tea. I’ve been drinking it for about two weeks now, and also since reading about the face mask on your website I’ve been putting it on my face in the evenings. I have to say I’m pretty stoked with the results! My blemishes are well on their way to disappearing and my skin isn’t as oily anymore at all!

Thanks for that! Keep up the great work!

Melanie, London

Concentration and Focus

We absolutely love how Zen Green Tea enhances our concentration and focus. And the health benefits are too numerous to count. Zen Green Tea is truly an experience for your mind, body and soul!
Gareth and Leanne, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Increase in Energy Level

I can really notice the difference in my energy levels. I have a pretty full on project at work and I think the matcha is the only thing keeping me sane!
David, Mosman, NSW, Australia

Energy and Weight Loss

I love it- I feel like I have so much energy and I’ve actually lost a little weight too. Thanks
so much.
Jane, Christchurch, NZ

Energy Enhancer

So much energy- I’m never tired anymore which is so unlike me!
Sandra, Brighton, UK

Breast Cancer Prevention

I bought this for my mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She really loves the taste and it’s giving her a lot more confidence. She just received the news after her Chemotherapy that she is in remission which is great. She’ll keep drinking your tea, and I’ve got my sister drinking it too as a prevention. Thanks Zen Green Tea!
Helen, Terrigal, NSW, Australia

Rich in Colour and Tastes Amazing

I was a bit skeptical at first about this green tea, but then I decided to give it a go. Got my three month supply yesterday, was so quick. This morning I just baked green-tea pound cake with it, and my goodness it is really delicious!! Zen matcha powder is truly something, very rich in colour and taste amazing too. Thank you 🙂 I will definitely repurchase this.
Michelle, Launceston, TAS, Australia

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Weight Loss- Four Kilos in Two Months

I have been drinking three cups a day and it has helped me lose weight! Four kilos in two months!
Isobel, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia

Best Matcha on the Market

Best matcha on the market- the quality is really high and taste is light and fresh. Thanks, loved the ebook too.
Carrie, Manly, Sydney

Cancer Fighter

Thank you for the Matcha Zen Green Tea, I have started drinking this as I have received word from my doctor that I have a rising PSA despite being in the best physical condition in my life. I have previously had prostate cancer but was in remission for a long while.
Now I need to flood my body with antioxidants and I know consuming matcha is one of the best ways to do that. Your matcha tastes great so it makes it easier for me to drink a lot. Thanks again and I’ll be placing another order again soon.

Jonothan, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Brightest Green & Freshest Flavour!

I just received your Matcha in the post! First off thanks for the quick delivery- I only ordered it yesterday!!! I have been a fan of Matcha for a few years now and I have tried this magic powder from lots of different companies. Yours I must say is the best! It is the brightest green and delivers the freshest flavour! I will be reordering again soon!
Gretta, Newtown, NSW, Australia

Flu Fighter and Energy Enhancer

Thanks Zen Green Tea! Just had my first cup of matcha and its oh-so-delicious! I have mine with OJ every morning – keeps me energised and it will also help me fight off the flu this Winter! Usually I always get a cold but so far I haven’t been sick at all!
Thanks again!
Shankari, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Great for Cooking too!

Yummo- ordered your matcha to drink and also cook with. It’s great- I made a beautiful green tea ice cream!
Audra, Cologne, Germany

Energy and Fantastic Taste!

I would like to thank you for your amazing matcha. It tastes absolutely fantastic and the energy I gain from every cup is unbelievable! Thank you thank you thank you.
Amanda, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Nourishing Coffee Alternative

As an Avid coffee drinker I tried your Matcha through a friend who had ordered some from your website. I am usually not a fan of tea but I loved the taste of Matcha. I read your e book and did some more research and I was so surprised to find out all the health benefits! It’s great to know I am doing something so nourishing for my body! Keep up the good work!
Camile, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Best Quality, Best Price!

Really high quality matcha. I have tried a few brands and yours is the best quality and the best price. I’ll be ordering the 6 month supply next time!
Collin, Hornsby, NSW, Australia

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