Buying the Best Matcha Green Tea Powder

When you are looking for the best matcha green tea powder there are a few important questions to keep in mind, including:

  • What is your budget?
  • What are using the matcha for?
  • Are the health benefits important to you?
  • How important is taste?

So how can you identify high quality matcha and the choose the best matcha green tea powder for you? Read on to find out!

The 3 Main Properties of Good Quality Matcha

best brand matcha green tea powder
Matcha vs Green Tea

Would you know how to spot a fake matcha product if you saw one? These days there are more and more fake matcha products on the market with green tea powder sold under the premium matcha label.

Fake matcha is often bitter, dull in colour, and lacking the majority of matcha’s health benefits. It is usually manufactured from low grade green tea leaves pulverized by machines, producing a grainy, yellow powder.

The best matcha green tea powder, that is both authentic and high quality, will always have the following three distinctive physical characteristics:

  1. Texture: Ultra fine, whole leaves are milled by granite stone mills creating matcha’s unique molecular structure
  2. Taste: Fresh, spring taste – there will be no bitterness
  3. Colour: A bright, beautiful green, indicating that the tea has maintained its full nutritional profile

Though harder to verify, the following must also be true of any green tea product claiming the matcha label:

  • Plant: Matcha must be made from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis
  • Production Process: Matcha’s production process is fascinating and unique, you can read more about it here.
  • Country of Origin: Matcha must come from Japan

The 3 Main Grades of Matcha Green Tea Powder

When choosing the best matcha green tea powder for you, there are broadly three grades of matcha to consider:

  • Ceremonial grade: Used mainly by tea schools and Buddhist temples. It is both rare and expensive (~$100 for 60g). Most matcha drinkers (including us) are unlikely to really notice the subtle tones of “Umami” which characterise the ceremonial grade.
  • Premium grade: High quality matcha at an affordable price (~$25 for 60g). Best for daily consumption and contains the full range of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Is characterised by a fresh, subtle flavour. Usually perfect for both new and every day matcha drinkers alike.
  • Cooking grade: Cheapest of all (~$15 for 60-100g) but only really suitable for cooking purposes. Contains fewer antioxidants than the ceremonial or premium grades and most of our customers prefer the taste of a premium grade in their recipes.

Here at Zen Green Tea, we use premium grade matcha in all our products – sourced directly, in small batches, from small, family run tea farms. Our one month supply (60g or 60 cups) starts at $24.50 with discounts available in our matcha shop for larger quantities.

Koicha and Usucha: Preparing Matcha Green Tea

best brand matcha green tea
Koicha and Usucha

In addition to the three grades of matcha green tea powder there are two styles of matcha tea preparation: koicha and usucha.

  • Koicha: More matcha / less water. This style of drinking is mainly used in tea ceremonies and produces a thick, emerald colored brew – often a bit too strong to drink for many people.
  • Usucha: More water is added and whisked vigorously to create a thinner, frothier tea. This is more popular with most drinkers and forms a light, bright green tea.

Read our detailed instructions on how to prepare matcha tea.

So, what’s the best matcha green tea powder for you?

Let’s go back to our list of questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • What are using the matcha for?
  • Are the health benefits important to you?
  • How important is taste?

If taste, and health benefits are important to you then you should only buy premium grade and above. These grades use the best quality tea leaves and are therefore packed with the full antioxidant content with a smooth, non-bitter taste.

If you want value for your money than our premium matcha is the best value in Australia at $24.50 for 60 grams (60 serves) and free shipping. We also have value bundles when you buy Three Month or Six Month Supplies which works out to just $20 per packet.

If you are baking the matcha you might consider an ingredient/cooking grade. However given the low difference in cost and better taste, colour and nutritional value most of our customers still prefer to use a premium grade (especially for raw smoothies, and unbaked goods).

Still curious? Why not read more about the history and production of matcha!

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Danielle Simes
"I am hooked on Zen Green Tea! It has a smooth taste and is not bitter at all. The matcha is high quality with its the vibrant green colour and fine texture. It is easy to prepare, and to use in food as well as drinks. Its great at helping me concentrate and stay focussed, and also keeps my hunger at bay. This is my green tea of choice…no more tea bags for me!"
Danielle Simes / Teacher and Mother of two Putney, Sydney
Megan Broberg
"I first fell in love with Zen Green Tea as I was a pretty intense coffee drinker, but I wanted something that would give me an energy lift and help my concentration in the afternoon but without the caffeine jitters and impact on my sleep. Zen Green Tea Matcha really did the trick, it gives me energy without feeling frenetic, and tastes so much fresher and less bitter than loose leaf green teas like Sencha."
Megan Broberg / Megan Broberg, CEO Appleman Cider, Bondi, Sydney
Elyse Daniels
"I have always loved tea but generally have stuck to English Breakfast tea with sugar. I started to find myself craving the sugar hit each afternoon so I would have a cup of tea but then have a big slump afterwards. After a recommendation by a friend I tried Zen Green Tea and loved it instantly. I still get the energy boost but there is no slump afterwards plus it is something that I can drink all year round. I love to carry a bottle of ice tea with me to sip throughout the day and then have a warm cup of tea after dinner. My energy levels have never been better! ".
Elyse Daniels / Director at Exodus Wear, Sydney