About Zen Green Tea

Zen Green Tea was founded by Erin in 2012 to make fresh, delicious and healthy boosting premium, organic, Japanese matcha green tea to Australia. Zen Green Tea is the preferred matcha for thousands of Australians, was featured on My Kitchen Rules as Australia’s “Best Matcha” and is stocked in over 3,000 health food stores across the country.

Erin’s philosophy is simple:

“Amazing quality matcha, sourced in a sustainable way and delivered with the best service.”

Erin has built strong relationships with her chosen sustainable tea farms in Kyoto Japan to bring you the best quality matcha. She sources her tea in small batches that are freshly stone ground ensuring she delivers matcha packed with antioxidants. You will notice the bright green colour, the fresh naturally sweet spring flavour and all the health benefits that accompany drinking pure Japanese matcha green tea powder.

zen green tea matcha

Erin – Zen Green Tea’s Founder