Matcha Green Tea Powder and Weight Loss

matcha green tea powder weight loss

Matcha is known for it’s ability to assist with weight loss. There are some key scientific reasons why which we have outlined below.

1. Boosting Metabolism so you burn more energy: Matcha contains incredibly high levels of the antioxidant EGCG. This antioxidant has been linked with boosting the metabolism where in one study on average, matcha green tea increased study participants’ fat-burning capabilities by 17 percent when they engaged in exercise.

2. Stopping your body from absorbing as much fat in your diet: Matcha helps to block the ability of digestive enzymes to break down fat, a step necessary for fat to enter our cells. So instead of absorbing and storing the fat, it gets passed through the body.

3. Detoxifier: Matcha is rich in Chlorophyll which is a natural detoxifier so it helps to remove any accumulation of toxins and hence helps your body work more efficiently

4. Contains natural caffeine: Matcha does contain natural caffeine that will keep your energy levels up and make it easier for you to burn calories

5. Stress Reducer: Matcha has been linked to raising the Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain which are the hormones responsible for happiness and well being. By reducing your stress levels your body will stop holding onto unnecessary fat around your midsection

What other health benefits?

The rich poly-phenol compounds found in matcha and other plant foods in your diet help lower the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer; they also help keep your brain healthy as you age. And, plant poly-phenols are often cited for their role in heart health; they fight against hardening of the arteries, known medically as “atherosclerosis,” according to a review published in the Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity journal in November 2009. Atherosclerosis causes arteries to narrow and become clogged, which may cause heart attack or stroke. Other ways poly-phenols may protect your heart is by increasing good cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation in your arteries by preventing your blood from clotting.

Furthermore, in another study published by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, it was reported that frequent consumption of quality green tea enhances the efficiency of the human body in utilizing energy. The research showed that the daily energy expenditure rate of adults increases 35-45% with regular consumption of green tea. So matcha green tea actually can increase your body’s ability to burn energy by up to 45%!

There is a huge number of studies outlining similar findings that green tea – especially matcha – assists with weight loss and the prevention of weight gain. I have received many emails from my customers telling me they have lost weight. When my mother was trying to lose weight, I encouraged her to drink a strong cup of matcha before her morning walk and she noticed her weight loss doubled, which is pretty incredible!

What I do suggest is that you buy Zen Green Tea matcha which is high quality and from a good source that is both fresh and vibrant green. This ensures you are getting the maximum nutritional and antioxidant profile. You wouldn’t eat month-old broccoli and expect it to be full of nutrients – matcha is the same!

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