Matcha helps prevent and fight breast cancer

matcha green tea powder breast cancer

It is well known in scientific research how antioxidant EGCG helps in the fight against and the prevention of cancer. Matcha green tea powder contains the highest concentration of EGCG where the University of Colorado found that matcha green tea contained up to 137 times more EGCG than regular green tea.

Here are few of the amazing benefits of EGCG in matcha green tea, specifically referring to Breast Cancer. There are countless studies that demonstrate the power of EGCG as an effective Tumour Terminator. Here are just a few:

  1.   Suppresses inflammation and aggressive estrogen mediators in breast tissue.
  2.   Causes Breast Cancer cells to die
  3.   Suppresses the new blood flow that feeds Breast Cancer tumor
  4.   Reverses epigenetic changes and prevents DNA damage that is often seen in Breast Cancer
  5.   Suppresses stem cell production in human Breast Cancer

For women especially, studies show that the single biggest preventative measure for breast cancer is good nutrition. Dr Kristi Pado Funk, Pink Lotus Breast Cancer Centre states that “Three cups of green tea a day decreases breast cancer risk by half.”

So what are the takeaways?

  1.  Maintain a healthy, balanced diet full of nutrients to maximise your consumption of cancer fighting antioxidants
  2. Drink matcha green tea daily so you are flooding your body with the most powerful cancer fighting antioxidant EGCG
  3. Get regular breast cancer screenings because early detection saves lives

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