Why matcha is great for your teeth

matcha teeth

Matcha is great for your teeth- keeping them clean and cavity free

Matcha is great for your teeth because it has an exceedingly high catechin (notably EGCG) content.

The catechins is matcha have antibacterial effects, and in essence they act as microscopic plaque scrubbers that can help prevent cavity formation and periodontal disease.   Matcha actually inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause plaque, and hence many dentists has come to think of a cup or glass of matcha after a meal as a delicious liquid floss.

Matcha catechins also inhibit the bacteria that cause bad breath as well.

Unlike coffee, matcha won’t stain your teeth either. Not bad added bonuses for a delicious drink of matcha.   So if oral hygiene is a priority for you, you now have yet another reason drink it!

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